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We have designed a full range of Gourmet Brioches which will surprised your customer by their softness and flavor.

This service has proved very effective when combined with all the other support methods. We print your range of Vittles products with your logo and details and can be used in conjunction with Field Support Days, Sample

At Dulcinée Patisserie, we have designed a range of mousse and cheese cake dedicated to the food service. Either individual size or large cake, the Dulcinée cakes will impressed your customer by their taste, texture, freshness…

All our range of mousse and cheese cakes are available in Strip Shapes. Gourmet Strip Cakes are can portion at the size you want! It will bring you some more new ideas for your dessert plates or ease the display in your shop. Deliver fresh or frozen.

We still find this is by far the best way to sell a selection of products to customers. We make up the sample boxes for your sales agents to take to calls, the response has always been very positive and its free !

Brioches & Soft Bread