Who we are…

Dulcinée Patisserie is a new concept where are sold online fresh & sweet products with a Home-Service Delivery offered in most of all Toronto GTA. Ordering Brioches, Butter Tarts, Rustic Tarts or Quiches has never been so easy! Just in one click make your choice among our product selection and then Dulcinée Patisserie take care of the rest for making your sweet desires a wonderful moment.

At Dulcinée Patisserie, we do not forget the Kids! In about, we all want the best for our children, Dulcinee Patisserie has made incredible Mini-Brioches with different flavors (chocolate, apple, raspberry…) to their delight.

Dulcinée Patisserie can be described in 3 words: Passion, Emotion and Pleasure!

Our Skills & Passion

Dulcinée Patisserie has been created by two lovers of the French Pastry. After more than ten years of experience in bakery industry which was spent in between France, Asia and Africa, Roseline and Thomas decided to migrate to Ontario in 2017 and share their passion for pastry.

“Our Dulcinée”, Roseline, who has learnd bakery from the best Chefs in France, is the head of the kitchen. Every day, she meticulously bakes delicious brioches and cakes by paying great attention to detail (Taste – Textures…) without any compromise to the finished product to offer you a magical gourmet moment.

Our Mission

Deliver fresh and tasty products made with the best ingredients which are scrupulously selected!
Because 50% of the quality of the pastries depend upon ingredients, we only use fresh and local dairy products (dairy cream, milk, butter…), fresh eggs, “real chocolate”, artisanal bread flour… No additives, No artificial flavor or No preservatives are used!.

Dulcinée Patisserie creates handmade and artisanal brioches, cakes, tarts and savouries in the respect of the traditional ways. For example, the raw brioche dough is kept at low temp overnight to develop taste and texture that make our products special.

Our Philosophy

At Dulcinée Patisserie, we aim at sharing emotions through our delicious range of brioches, Tarts and Cakes. We take inspiration from many trips and meetings made around the Globe to develop new recipes which are usually a mix of tradition and originality.

At Dulcinéee Patisserie, we want people to be delighted every time they eat our pastries and cakes. Make them dream and travel in a world where mingle delicious flavors of chocolate, coffee, caramel, almond, and fresh aromas of fruits and spices and different textures: soft, crunchy, frothing, sparkling… 
Have a wonderful gastronomic journey and “indulge your sweet tooth!”

Dulcinéee Patisserie, Your New Online Bakery Shop!